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December 2008

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Inline Help using Qt Assistant Plugin

Few days ago I played a little with the QtHelp module, and some new features to add to the Qt Assistant plugin came to my mind : index based help and search based help.
What does that mean ? simply that you now have inline help using F1 or Shift-F1 (by default) on a selected word (or simply having the cursor in a word) !
The index based help will open the index corresponding to the current word in the Qt Assistant "Index" tab while the search based help will make a true search in all Qt Assistant docs and display the search result.

Enjoy ;)

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What is MkS ?

Monkey Studio is a cross platform IDE written in Qt 4.
Its primary goal is to allow easy and powerful management of Qt based projects (C++/QMake, PHP-Qt, and all others bindings) but not limited to that, in fact MkS architecture based on plugins allow you to extend it in an infinite way.
You can read more infos reading Features or About page.

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Qt Assistant plugin


After a couple of hours I finally rewrote completely the Qt Assistant plugin.
It now relies on the Qt Help module and is totally compatible with the stand alone Qt Assistant.
Meaning that you will be able to share bookmarks, zoom, fonts and historic properties between MkS and Qt Assistant.
It's available in the dev branch.

Enjoy !

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New MkS home page

Welcome to the new MkS home page.
After some meetings with the team members we decided that we needed a more community like home page.
It's now done as we now provide a drupal based one.
You should no longer have to register into each module, your drupal account will allow you to use all available modules.

We hope you will like the new home page !

Regards, The MkS Team

About Monkey Studio

Monkey Studio is free crossplatform IDE.
The project has been started by AZEVEDO Filipe for his personal use around end of June 2005, and when he found it useful he open it to the community.
The project has been welled received and some guyz join it or send feedbacks/new features.

The current version is the v2 branch which succeed the v1 one and is dependent of Qt 4.4.0 minimum.
It support Qt 4 projects management and embed Designer and Assistant to form a complete, fast and power full Qt 4 IDE.
It's based upon a powerful and flexible plugin system that allow to ex