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January 2009

Problem in Windows version

I've downloaded an tried:
Windows Installer
Windows Zip Archive

Both the same problem when running:

[2512] Failed to load plugin ( C:/MkS/plugins/GNUdbg2/GNUDebugger2.dll ): Error: Unknown error
[2512] Failed to load plugin ( C:/MkS/plugins/base/AStyle.dll ): Error: Unknown error
[2512] Failed to load plugin ( C:/MkS/plugins/base/Ctags2Api.dll ): Error: Unknown error
[2512] Failed to load plugin ( C:/MkS/plugins/base/FileBrowser.dll ): Error: Unknown error
[2512] Failed to load plugin ( C:/MkS/plugins/base/MessageBox.dll ): Error: Unknown error

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Website update


I had updated the core drupal and third party modules this night.
Some recommended third party modules updates was buggy making my night ... a nightmare : The captcha and gallery was down.
I finally fixed all that, allowing the registration and others relating things works again.

Sorry for the troubles, and good navigation on the MkS website :)

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Navigator for PHP files

Some time ago Nieradzik Tim asked about feature "Add class browser support for PHP files"
I was really surprised, because I thought it works.
Today I checked - some of ctags parsers not worked in last time, so, Navigator not worked for PHP, HTML and other 4 languages. Now it's fixed. I hope, we will not have problems with building on Windows.

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Project timeline

MkS development process was chaotic and without any strategies in first time. I and P@sNox usually made things, which we need more than others until now, and which we know how to do.
Often decision to write some module was made in one minute, just because someone asked/said about it.
It was a wrong way, as result - now we have a lot of advanced features of IDE, but we just are only advanced text editor, because haven't usable debugger. I and P@sNox yesterday night tried to fix this situation, and develop some plane of further development, that we call "Timeline".

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New Search and Replace engine

Before New Year I worked under new Search and Replace engine. Now it's 80% rewritten.
Internally - I moved it from MkS core to plugin, and made code factoring. Now it consists 4 parts (classes) business logic, main user interface, search thread, dock with search results. Business logic don't mixed with user interface.
For user there is now are 3 sensible changes:

  • Possibility to replace all matches in a directory, not only in the file
  • No freeze when searching in directory
  • Incremental search.

Report bug

For send us a bug, you can use the contact form and choose "Bug" category

But, the best solution - post bug to our bug tracker

Ctrl+Ins, Shift+Ins, old school copy/paste keys

Hello, I could't use the key Shft+Del to Cut a selection, and the other keys like this.
Is my configuration problem or MkS can't handle this keys. If not, could it be?


dragging widgets to new form

Hi - so far i love the feel of the IDE - congratulations - however, i have struck a problem;

I am trying to create a simple GUI program for a start; i start by creating a simple qt GUI project; within MS i create a new form for editing in embedded qt designer; however, when i try and drag a widget over to the form, i can not place it on the form; the circle with cross through it comes up as soon as the widget is over the form; am i doing something wrong??? is there a setting that is wrong??

the edit forms button is pressed and the widget list seems fine;


L'outil de vérification de notre humanité est assez lourd :p

il faut décrypter par deux fois deux mots pour pouvoir poster une réponse sur le forum...

Faire ça une seule fois à l'inscription devrait amplement suffire non ?

MKS - Menu Débugguer et interpréteur grisés

Bonjour, bonne année !

J'inaugure le nouveau forum :)

Bon ben voilà, comme dit dans le titre, les deux menus sont grisés, aucun accès. J'aimerais déboguer mon appli mais là pas moyen, ensuite le menu interpréteur, je ne sais pas à quoi il sert, je ne sais même pas ce qu'il y a dedans...

Pas moyen de mettre des breakpoints non-plus...

Je tourne sous kubuntu 8.10, kde4. Gdb est installé et le plugin gdb également.

Merci pour votre aide.