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February 2009

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Writing MKS plugins

Hi all!

Is any instructions/HOWTOs about writing plugins for MKS?

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Interview from Polik regarding MkS

Some time ago (some long time ago) a guy named Polik sent us a list of questions regarding MkS and its evolution.
After some months I finally take the time to answer them, it result of a wiki page readable by everybody.
If you are interested in the interview and MkS itself, you can read it here.

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Immediate aviability of release

Nearly two months have passed since the last Christmas Edition of MkS. This month MkS Team spent most time on fixing bugs and polishing existing functionality, resulting to a new release : Monkey Studio

Next changes have been made:

  • PyQt plugin, which allows to work with PyQt projects
  • Replace text in directory feature
  • A lot of bugs was fixed
  • GNU Debugger plugin have been removed due to instability.