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March 2009

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New suffixes associations manager available.

As some of you already read, we have introduce MkS Shell.
I now finish the migration of the file suffixes associations manager to shell api meaning you can now manage all that using mks scripts.
As usual, you can see that in the current branches/dev part of the svn.

By the way, i have scheduled abbreviations and associations UI editors rework in the internal time line of the project, if you have some good ideas for the new UIs, you can contact us for mokups.

اهلاً بكم في المنتدى العربي

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

السلام عليكم و رحمة الله و بركاته،،

بعد الإتصال بفريق العمل في مشروع MkS، وافق فريق المشروع على توفير منتدى دعم باللغة العربية، و لكن لعدم وجود إي فرد عربي بين الفريق فسيكون الدعم نوعاً ما مجتمعي أي أن الأعضاء نفسهم سيقدمون المساعدة، و بالنسبة للتواصل مع الفريق فإن ذلك ممكن أن يتم مباشرةً و عن طريقي،،

في الواقع، فريق المشروع يتمنى أن يكون هذا المنتدى بوابة للأفكار الجديدة، بالإضافة إلى خبرات تطويرية جديدة في المشروع، ما يعني النهوض بهذا المشروع إلى مرحلة قادمة..

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Introducing MkS Shell & new abbreviations manager based on it


Today i want to inform you about a new great thing in MkS, MkS Shell.
This is a kind of command interpreter like bash, but very limited to execute users defined command, via it's own api.
Actually i have made a console widget that allow users to play with the shell, you can discover that in the branches/dev part.
The new abbreviations manager now take advantage of the shell, and all abbreviations are defined at start up via a dedicated script (abbreviations.mks).
The shell integration is really a new enjoyable thing that allow to script MkS itself (according we provide a lot of comm


Hey here is a new place for sharing ideas about Abbreviations in MkS.
The goal of this place is to allow MkS users to easily post/edit their favorites code snippets.
The MkS Team will then before each release take all the available snippets here and generate the abbreviations.mks script, witch is used by the abbreviations manager.

The document should be structured per Lexer ( language ), the list is available in the MkS abbreviations editor (Edit -> Settings -> Abbreviations) when adding a new one.
As a start example, i provide the current default C++ ones.
Feel free to update the abbre

how to start developing?!!

dear all,,
after using MkS for 2 weeks, now i believe that i should help you.
what am planning to do is developing the Python interpretor by adding lists of default functions & Objects that are imported in the project.
in fact, i have a plan about how to do it in python not in C++, so can i have a quick reference in how to do so whether in python or c++???
notice that it would be easier to do it in python..

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need example pyqt-gui project!!

dear all,

monkey studio directly gets the ui class through uis, & this way is new from me as a beginner.
can anyone give me an example pyqt-gui project with some working connections to a def.
or correct my problem in the attached project (after downloding, change *.jpg to *.tar.gz)

thanx in advance..

rgrds ||| meGenius

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Internal scripting interface

Currently MkS developed only in C++ programming language, all data and is hardcoded in code, all plugins is written on C++/Qt.