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January 2010

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Drupal updated

Our CMS has been updated to the last available version, plugins too.
Hoping we did not break anything ;)
Please reports anormals things you could see.


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Done tasks

  1. Universal class browser (done by PasNox on 2009 August): Many users asked about class browser for whole project, not only for one file (as in the Navigator plugin). But for implement it, need to make big internal changes. We have to collect all possible info from project internally, and implement some engines, maybe inherited from QAbstractItemModel, for display whole project, single file, current scope. Also, will be possible to do variant of Navigator, which will be ComboBox on top toolbar, not a big dock.
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Environment variables management

We introduce an environment variables editor inside MkS settings.
This allow customization of environment variables for commands started from/within MkS like:

  • Executing your application
  • Starting a tool ( make ...
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New Search & Replace plugin

Finally we rewrited completly the Search & Replace plugin.
It's now very powerfull one, each tasks ( searching and replacing ) are done in a separated thread while the results view now use a custom model.
This allow the view to be updated more often without freezing the main interface.
New modes have been added:

  • Search in project files
  • Replace in project files
  • Search in opened files
  • Replace in opened files

As new options:

  • Whole word
  • Wrap

This is now the perfect search & replace tool in the wild ;)
It's available in the svn in v2/branches/dev.
Please test and re