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June 2010

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CMS Update

We updated our CMS to it's last version.
Sorry for the possible trouble.
And don't forget to feedback on errors ;)

archlinux build problem

build at archlinux results in a fatal error. Last bit of the build result:

cd monkey/ && make -f Makefile
make[1]: Entering directory `/home/j/monkeystudio2/monkeystudio2/src/mks_1.8.3.3-svn3083/monkey'

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New Mac OS X package

Hey it seem we were in a bad release day ;)
Mac OS X package was corrupted too and was not working.
New package has been uploaded to fix the old one, the url have not changed, just download again.

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Monkey Studio - handmade

On the holidays I received very interesting handmade birthday gift
Photo of the gift

I also found funny dustbins in Pinsk (a city in Belarus)
Here is one
The city of linuxoids;)