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November 2010

c++ qtdesigner

Hello i have installed now monkey studio, because i have to develop a very sample c++ gui application under linux, but how i can start qtdesigner?



Debugging python scripts


I've set-up MonkeyStudio today and use it to develop under Python.

I've tried to setup the beaver debugger but without any success.

Can anyone provide me step-by-step instructions on how to debug python projects with MonkeyStudio? I'm running it under Windows if it can help.

Thank you !

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Source packages release fixing build upon Qt 4.7.x


Just to inform that new releases of source packages have been released fixing build upon Qt 4.7.x.
Packagers, translators, please update your packages if needed.

The Monkey Studio Team,

pasnox's picture Updated source packages fixing build with Qt 4.7.x

Source packages have been updated to support building with Qt 4.7.x
Users of pre-compiled versions don't need to update their installations.

missing qdesigner_integration_p.h


I have Qt 4.7.0 installed on my Arch distribution.
When I try to build mks, the compiler complains that the qdesigner_integration_p.h file does not exist (plugins/child/QtDesigner/src/MkSDesignerIntegration.h:4:37)
Should mks build with Qt 4.7.0 ?

Kind regards,