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December 2010

build in opensuse 11.3


I am trying to build monkeystudio 1.8.4 in opensuse 11.3. I am getting stuck here:

cd XUP/ && make -f Makefile
make[3]: Entering directory `/home/hernan/bin/mks_1.8.4.0-svn3727-src/plugins/xup/XUP'
/usr/bin/uic src/gui/UIXUPEditor.ui -o ../../../build/release/.ui/ui_UIXUPEditor.h

User's Manual

Is there a user's manual for MKS?
I like the IDE, but having a difficult time with running and debugging scripts internally. I haven't been able to find a user's manual. I'm in a linux environment using python Beaver does not work with python. Can I tie another debugger to the IDE and pass arguments from the IDE to that debugger.
I like the feel of this product, but I'm definitely not one who learns via the MicroSoft wa (trial and error)
Any help is appreciated.

Création d'un projet PyQT Gui Impossible


Lors de la création d'un projet Python PyQt Gui, je récupère une fenetre d'erreur contenant :

Impossible de copier '/usr/share/monkeystudio/templates/Python/PyQt Gui/$Main File Name$' à '/home/localuser/Documents/Monkey_Studio/Projects/'

Cela me semble normal car la commande qu'il faudrait passer dans le script de création serait plutôt :
cp /usr/share/monkeystudio/templates/Python/PyQt\ Gui/$Main\ File\ Name$' /home/philuser/Documents/Monkey_Studio/Projects/

en insérant le caractère \ devant chaque occurrence d'un blanc dans le chemin de la commande.