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January 2011


In this tutorial, you will learn how to use the "Tools" plugin and create a simple user tool.


Sometimes, one wants to create a small file to quickly try out something - e.g. test the new library one just built. For this reason, it is very handy to have something a little "Run"-Button that just runs this file without running the whole project.

A way to do this is creatig a new project, including this file into the project and run the project. But this takes some time and is unneccessary because we are not interested in developing the file any further.


  1. User's Manual : The official (but incomplete) Monkey Studio IDE manual.
  2. Tool tutorial : Using the "Tools"-Plugin to create a small Tool that runs a Python file without having to include it into a project.

Feature request - Run simple python script

I have a proposition for a very simple feature that should cost you not much time to implement:

Sometimes I want to try out something in python or some other language and write down a simple script in one file that does the task. I would like to have the feature of Monkeystudio being able to just run/debug this file without having to create a project where the file belongs to.

Does this already work in MkS somehow and I just don't now how to do it?