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May 2011

PHP-qt not working as it should

Hello everyone. I have just downloaded the IDE for PHP-Qt, but when i made a new project in IDE ..and tried to interpret it (all default code ) I got " Unable to load dynamic library 'ext/php_qt.dll' - The specified module could not be found." error .. and menu plugins >> XUP Project >> PHP-qt project is enabled ..

so whats the work around...
please don't suggest to go for cmake or make php-qt to build a new php_qt.dll. I am not good in cmaking things as I am from windows world.

Problem with MKS path

I am just getting started working with MKS. I put together a quick GUI using the PyQt template. I can run the resulting from terminal, but when I try to use the Interpreter: start command in MKS, I get an error message saying it can't import PyQt. I noticed that the PATH environment variable in settings didn't match my system PATH, so I changed it, but with no effect on the problem. Any ideas?