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July 2011

Python and Qt4 form designer help

Hello, I am using monkey studio IDE which has Qt4 designer, I created a main window form which contains menus(ibirimo,Amakuru,Raporo...) and in the menu "Ibirimo" I added some sub menus(abantu,ingo,ishuli,ivuriro,...) then I created other forms apart which would be called, once you click for instance on ishuli you should get the ishuli.ui which displays a form where you can enter all the details of a school institution.

Now the problem I have is to connect the menus and submenus titles to their corresponding forms.Can you help me?

Wiki Tutorial -- not authorized message!

Hi, i've just created my account and with trying to access wiki- tutorials i see the message :You are not authorized to access this page. i need some tutorial about mks there is no enough info on web.

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Access to Wiki Tutorials

Just created a new account. I still get "permission denied" when trying to access Wiki-->Tutorial

Please help!

Import error with python

I have the MKS for windows (setup_mks_1.8.4.0-svn3727-win32.exe) and I need to develop python programs
I can create a simple example for Pythons with buttons and so on, even I can see the preview, but when I do: "Interpreter --> Start" I receive this error:

File "", line 4, in
from PyQt4.QtCore import *
ImportError: No module named PyQt4.QtCore

Is it neccesary to install pyqt, or is a problem related to the path configurations?

python path: C:\Python27
Monkey path: C:\Archivos de programa\Monkey Studio IDE

Thanks in advance

Editor Default Font Size setting doesn't change edit pane's font


I just installed Monkey Studio on Kubuntu 11.04 (64-bit)

The default font in the editor pane (which I assume is QScintilla?) is quite small and not very smooth.

The rest of the Monkey Stuido IDE looks fine.

If I change the editor font and/or font size by going to Edit->Settings->Editor->General under "Default Font", the preview looks fine but the setting seems to be ignored by the edit pane itself.

I've tried exiting and restarting Monkey Studio but the font/font size still stays the same no matter what I've set the default font to.