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October 2011

support for c

Hello! Does Monkey Studio provide support for C language and common Makefile, not qmake.
Thank you

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Why I can't drop widgets on forms created using the template wizard ?

Some widgets needs a central widget for being use correctly in Qt Designer.
It's the case for QMainWindow, QDockWidget and probably some others.
For these widgets, you need to activate the "central widget" property in the template wizard form.
By default the content is empty, but you should use the second item in the combobox to activate the central widget.

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mksv3: New file associatons

I just finished file associations for syntax highlighting.
New features:

  • It is possible to switch current language
  • mksv3 is able to detect programming language of file by its first line, even if file name does not contain suffix. I.e. mksv3 main file called mksv3. Without .py, but, it contains #!/usr/bin/env python, so, will be recognised as Python file. Thanks Juffed for the idea

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Monkey Studio IDE Released !!!

Dear MkS users from all over the world.
MkS team is proud to announce the availability of the Monkey Studio IDE
The new version comes with a huge number of bug fixes and improvements.
A list of the new improvements and some screenshots can be found here.
You can grab your copy of the new version from here.
Or, from your package manager if you are on Gnu/Linux/Unix like.

We hope you benefit from the new versi

Auto completion Mac os X 10.6 32bits

hi, I'm using MKS with MAC OS X 10.6 and auto completion doesn't work. Any thoughts?. Its configured to 0 seconds, source from all and case unsensitive. I never see a windows with the suggestions.
Thanks in advance.
Greetings from Peru :D.

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Monkey Studio IDE 1.9.x - New output parser.

Since a long time I was wanting to update the build step view aka "output parser".
There was many more important things to do so I delayed it a lot of times.
But now with the upcoming new release of MkS, it was time to make things better.
I rewrited the output parser internals so it can handle more efficiently the parsers.
MkS now provides good crossplatforms parsers for GNU Compiler Collection (gcc,g++,...), QMake (qmake/uic/moc/lupdate/lrelease), GNU Make.