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November 2012

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Why does with interpreted projects (PyQt, php-qt) the run command does nothing ?

For the run command works correctly, you have to define the main file of your project in the 'Project -> settings' menu action.
From there select the main file then validate.
After that the 'Run' command should just works.

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Windows Python/PyQt support improved

After many users reporting python on windows did not worked fine I take the time to improve its support inside Monkey Studio.
I have commited some code in the svn / dev branch (svn://, which now auto detect python/pyqt installations reading the windows registry.
The default commands have been updated too, and these changes affect all operating systems.
You can checkout and build the branch using these commands:

  • svn co svn:// mksdev
  • cd mks dev
  • qmake -r
  • make -j6
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Why does some applications does not run fine on Windows ?

On Windows, applications have to be in the PATH environment variable so applications can be started without using absolute file path.
Monkey Studio offer an integrated environmeent variable editor which you can customize.
This does not tweak the system environment variable, and only Monkey Studio will use them.
You can customize these variables triggering the 'Edit -> Settings -> Environment variables' menu action.
Feel free to edit and extend the PATH variable, once done this should be immediatly working, if not try restarting Monkey Studio.

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Why does python plugin does not run on Windows ?

On Windows, it looks like Python has to be started using absolute file path so it works fine.
You can change the file path of the plugin going to the 'Plugins -> Cli Tools -> Python -> Configure' menu action.
In that dialog, click the button at the right of the command line edit and browse until you find pythonw.exe binary.
Save, and close the dialog then restart Monkey Studio.
Python interpreter should works fine.
If you need to extend the PATH environment variable to make some python available, let see