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New Mac OS X package

Hey it seem we were in a bad release day ;)
Mac OS X package was corrupted too and was not working.
New package has been uploaded to fix the old one, the url have not changed, just download again.

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New Windows packages

Many of you may have seen that the windows packages were corrupted:

  • Missing dlls
  • Double dlls overwrite in the setup

New packages have been uploaded to fix the old ones, the urls have not changed, just download again.

The MkS Team,

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Tools code moved to an external plugin

I have finished to move Tools related code in the core to a MkS plugin.
This was in the todo list since a long time and was part of our "Let strip the core" timeline.
We are now fixing last bugs to release final MkS and start the development on the next future minor release (1.8.5.x).
The changes can be checked in the svn (branches/dev and trunk).

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Build Step view enhancement

Today I have merged the branches/dev into trunk in our svn.
What is new is that the build step view now use a model/view approach instead of an item based one.
This result in a great speed up the steps rendering: MkS no longer freeze when there is many steps added in a very short laps of time !
I have added 2 new actions:

  • Show next warning, it does activate the next warning step exactly same as if you had clicked it.
  • Show next error, it does activate the next error step exactly same as if you had clicked it.

With that enhancement MkS is near to a non beta version ;)

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Drupal updated

Our CMS has been updated to the last available version, plugins too.
Hoping we did not break anything ;)
Please reports anormals things you could see.


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Environment variables management

We introduce an environment variables editor inside MkS settings.
This allow customization of environment variables for commands started from/within MkS like:

  • Executing your application
  • Starting a tool ( make ...
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New Search & Replace plugin

Finally we rewrited completly the Search & Replace plugin.
It's now very powerfull one, each tasks ( searching and replacing ) are done in a separated thread while the results view now use a custom model.
This allow the view to be updated more often without freezing the main interface.
New modes have been added:

  • Search in project files
  • Replace in project files
  • Search in opened files
  • Replace in opened files

As new options:

  • Whole word
  • Wrap

This is now the perfect search & replace tool in the wild ;)
It's available in the svn in v2/branches/dev.
Please test and re

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Aviability of Release

Today is a great day to announce you the aviability of MkS
New features have been added, bugs have been fixed, and a lot of code has been cleaned.
Here is a small list of major changes:

  • The qCtagsSense has now the possibility to use a physical or in-memory database, it was only possible to use in-memory until now, so the Class Browser plugin now benefit it and is able to use physical or in-memory database meaning that less memory will be used by MkS !
  • The abstract class that manage a project now has the possibility to list project files, meaning that qC
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