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Monkey Studio - handmade

On the holidays I received very interesting handmade birthday gift
Photo of the gift

I also found funny dustbins in Pinsk (a city in Belarus)
Here is one
The city of linuxoids;)

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Beaver debugger

After a long time I am happy to introduce Beaver Debugger. It is GDB frontend, integrated with MkS.

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Problems with building

User fthieme recently reported, that version is not buildable in his system. (Arch Linux, Qt 4.5.2)
We found a solution, svn trunk is fixed now.
If you can't build - try to use svn trunk version.
Here is instructions:

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Debugger for MkS

Currently I am trying to port (steal ;) ) the Qt Creator debugger plugin, for use it with the MkS.
Today I've got a simple application, which contains unmodified code of the original debugger, and could load it and show it's UI and main menu. The current goal - a fully functional standalone (no Qt Creator, no MkS) debugger based on the debugger plugin codebase.
I think, 35% of work is done.
Sources are there:

Update 05.12.2009
Screenshot creatordebugger2.png

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MkS svn repository - revision 3000

Today our subversion repository has an jubilee -revision 3000

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Internal scripting interface

Currently MkS developed only in C++ programming language, all data and is hardcoded in code, all plugins is written on C++/Qt.

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Navigator for PHP files

Some time ago Nieradzik Tim asked about feature "Add class browser support for PHP files"
I was really surprised, because I thought it works.
Today I checked - some of ctags parsers not worked in last time, so, Navigator not worked for PHP, HTML and other 4 languages. Now it's fixed. I hope, we will not have problems with building on Windows.

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Project timeline

MkS development process was chaotic and without any strategies in first time. I and P@sNox usually made things, which we need more than others until now, and which we know how to do.
Often decision to write some module was made in one minute, just because someone asked/said about it.
It was a wrong way, as result - now we have a lot of advanced features of IDE, but we just are only advanced text editor, because haven't usable debugger. I and P@sNox yesterday night tried to fix this situation, and develop some plane of further development, that we call "Timeline".

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