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pasnox's picture Updated source packages fixing build with Qt 4.7.x

Source packages have been updated to support building with Qt 4.7.x
Users of pre-compiled versions don't need to update their installations.

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CMS Update

We updated our CMS to it's last version.
Sorry for the possible trouble.
And don't forget to feedback on errors ;)

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New Mac OS X package

Hey it seem we were in a bad release day ;)
Mac OS X package was corrupted too and was not working.
New package has been uploaded to fix the old one, the url have not changed, just download again.

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Monkey Studio - handmade

On the holidays I received very interesting handmade birthday gift
Photo of the gift

I also found funny dustbins in Pinsk (a city in Belarus)
Here is one
The city of linuxoids;)

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New Windows packages

Many of you may have seen that the windows packages were corrupted:

  • Missing dlls
  • Double dlls overwrite in the setup

New packages have been uploaded to fix the old ones, the urls have not changed, just download again.

The MkS Team,

MkS final is available now!!

Dear MkS users from all over the world. MkS team is proud to announce the availability of the long waited final version

The new version comes with a huge number of bug fixes and improvements. And it handles the new standards MkS team will stay using for sometime.
A list of the new improvements and some screenshots can be found here.

You can grab your copy of the new version from here.

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Tools code moved to an external plugin

I have finished to move Tools related code in the core to a MkS plugin.
This was in the todo list since a long time and was part of our "Let strip the core" timeline.
We are now fixing last bugs to release final MkS and start the development on the next future minor release (1.8.5.x).
The changes can be checked in the svn (branches/dev and trunk).

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Build Step view enhancement

Today I have merged the branches/dev into trunk in our svn.
What is new is that the build step view now use a model/view approach instead of an item based one.
This result in a great speed up the steps rendering: MkS no longer freeze when there is many steps added in a very short laps of time !
I have added 2 new actions:

  • Show next warning, it does activate the next warning step exactly same as if you had clicked it.
  • Show next error, it does activate the next error step exactly same as if you had clicked it.

With that enhancement MkS is near to a non beta version ;)

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