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MkS officially introduced in Debian Sid

Yeah !

Monkey Studio IDE has been officially added in the Debian Sid repository, that mean that you no longer need extra repository to install it !
Just open your package manager and install monkeystudio package.
You can get more informations about the introduction and packages here.
This open the door to the next (x)ubuntu version (Karmic) introduction as well :).

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IRC Support interrupted

It's sad, Freenode ( our IRC channel provider ) does no longer accept Mibbit webchat to connect their server.
A direct result of that is that the actual IRC Support tab does no longer let you connect to our irc channel.
In the mainwhile you can connect using their own webchat locate at this address :
Use your mks site login and connect to the 'monkeystudio' channel.

I will update the IRC Support tab shortly.

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Linux Packages for (x)ubuntu Hardy/Intrepid/Jaunty/Karmic - Fedora 9/10 aviability


I would like to inform you about the aviability of Linux (x)ubuntu / Fedora packages. This is necessary packages if you are running last version of your favorites OS provideing Qt 4.5.0 (at least).
You can found more infos on the LinuxPackages wiki page.
If a package for your distribution is not available, just ask us ;)

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Release of MkS


I'm happy to inform you of the MkS's availability. It's mainly a bug fix release for Qt 4.5 as some of you have noticed, due to important default options changes in Qt 4.5 compare to the 4.4, MkS was no longer usable when built with it.
The release also contains some next version tools: qCtagsSense framework, new Class Browser plugin and some fixes not connected with Qt 4.5.
Linux packages will comes shortly, be patient and Happy Coding !

PS: It's not necessary to update your MkS version if you are not using Qt 4.5.

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Package for (x)ubuntu Jaunty available

The new MkS version that was scheduled is taking time to polishing, for this reason it's a little delayed.
A new package is available for (x)ubuntu Jaunty, you can find it on the wiki LinuxPackages page.
It's to be noted that all fix regarding MkS and Qt 4.5.x are not available in this package, it's just the same intrepid package rebuilt for jaunty, so some glitches can appear.
I will update the page as soon as new packages will be updated, stay tuned by regulary check this page.

Happy coding ;)

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MkS & Qt 4.5.x on recents Linux distributions


Some of you may already see the problem but for the others here is the current problem :
Due to important changes in the Qt 4.5.x library & QScintilla, MkS will most likely not works well ( ui bugs and unusable embed Designer ).
We already fixed all all major problem in the svn v2/branches/dev.
I have some small bugs to fixe and we will release a new version approximatively the next week.
The actual debian package ( and probably all others ) are no longer compatible.
You have 2 way of getting that fixed :

  • 1/ Get the svn copy from path : v2/branches/dev, patch the config.pri fi
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Debugger for MkS

Currently I am trying to port (steal ;) ) the Qt Creator debugger plugin, for use it with the MkS.
Today I've got a simple application, which contains unmodified code of the original debugger, and could load it and show it's UI and main menu. The current goal - a fully functional standalone (no Qt Creator, no MkS) debugger based on the debugger plugin codebase.
I think, 35% of work is done.
Sources are there:

Update 05.12.2009
Screenshot creatordebugger2.png

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MkS svn repository - revision 3000

Today our subversion repository has an jubilee -revision 3000

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