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This page will help you set up a svn copy for building svn version of MkS.
It's split in two parts, first one for standard user and second one for team member.
The main repository is split in two parts, v1 for legacy MkS ( prior to 1.7.0 ) and v2 for 1.7.0 and next.
The v2 repository is split into three parts :

  • branches : Daily work is commit there, code always build but not always stable.
  • trunk : Once per month stable code is imported from branches. Standard users should checkout this part.
  • tags : Each time we release a version we tag trunk code and copy it here.

The repository is located at this address : svn://

Standard User

Standard user can only checkout a read only working copy. It allows to check and build very last MkS version.
To check out the trunk, just follow this step :

svn co svn:// ./mkstrunk

Team Member

Team members should checkout the complete repository, using this step :
(don't forget to replace YOURUSER by your tuxfamily account name)

svn co svn+ssh:// ./mks

You can avoid typing the password every time by using a ssh key, please read the more documented help available on tuxfamily.