Monkey Studio IDE The way IDEs should be


Author of questions - Dmitriy Valento aka Polik

Each time I spoke about Qt, you must understood it as Qt 4.
Questions have been answered by Filipe AZEVEDO aka P@sNox

  • What is target auditory of MkS?

At start of development, MkS was planed as an IDE for Qt developers, but we decide to create a universal IDE, which can be used for various purposes.
For achieve this goal, MkS have a system of plugins. The MkS CoreGui don't know anything about the current loaded project, it use our internal projects manager that allow to manage virtually all kind of projects.
Now we have projects plugins for support: C++/Qt projects (QMake .pro format), PyQt and PHP-Qt, and also Qt Assistant and Qt Designer plugins wich make it the best IDE for working with Qt development.
The targeted auditory is all kind of developpers, that are web based, application based or Qt based and need an easy, portable and extensible IDE.
We have for now very limited projects kind plugins, but it's only the start and we hope MkS will grow quickly.
The general plugin count is growing quickly allowing MkS to do many more things than simple text editors actions.

  • What is preferable for development MkS: core functionality, or GUI?

Core and Gui are really merged things, so both are being actively developed.

  • Can MkS be replaced by another projects?

If you need web project manager it could be replaced by something like dreamweaver or quanta, if you look for a C/C++ or other project manager it could be replaced by Visual Studio or KDevelop.
But if you look for both and with a great and easy Qt integration and a cross platform portability, then MkS can't be replaced.

  • Which features are really original and USEFUL in the MkS?

What is original is that MkS is not intrusive, it not create useless files or try to impose it's own format.
Instead we have an extensible abstract project manager (XUP) that allow us to handle existing format such as QMake/pro...
For being handled it require the development of a plugin, meaning MkS can virtually handle all you want.

  • Gui of MkS is quite distinctive. Why? What is main principles of the MkS GUI?

We create something we think that is good in our point of view, that mean we are not cloning existing interface.
In fact why creating clone to have same usability ?
We are open to your suggestions, feel free to contact us.

  • What is more important: adding new functionality, or stabilization of already existing?

Stabilizing the current code is our primary task. Features are important too but not at the cost of unstable base.

  • Do MkS can be divided to GUI and core, which can be developed independently?

No, as an IDE it not allow to have a separated core of GUI.

  • What is more important for you in work under MkS: development process, or results of work?

When I started MkS it was a challenge for fun : in fact there was no IDE for creating Qt 4 applications.
After a v1 that got many success, i decided to rewrite it entirely for the v2 and started to think about possible and easy evolution.
It why MkS is now composed of a core (Monkeycore, the CoreGui) that plugins rely on to extend it.
Developing the v2 is always a challenge but having in mind a result of work: it should work, be stable and usable, by personal and enterprise people.