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mksv3. The beginning

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After more than 1 year of work I'm happy to release the first version of mksv3
This post explains, what is mksv3, and why doest it exist.

MkS project grows really slowly. It is not better, than other similar projects. It has a lot of bugs (now existing bugs seems to be fixed). UI is really overloaded with buttons and panels. Many features are done, but done really bad. Nothing is documented well. Many important features are missing. Translations are not full and outdated.

Our code base is really big and difficult to maintain. We spend much more time for maintaining existing code base, than for coding new features.

And nothing likely will be changed the future.
So, what is the reason to continue the project? Why do we waste our time and why do we release bad software?
I understood, that we must change something or stop the project

What to change:

  1. Programming language. Python is not a panacea, but, if we use it, it will be really good improvement.
  2. Quality. Probably it is possible to fix it, but sometimes it is better to drop all and rewrite. Now we will be disciplined and will follow strict rule: Do something well or don't do it

If we started rewriting the project, we need really long time to achieve functionality, similar with current C++ version. But, than project can become good and grow quicker. Much quicker. So, I finally decided we must do it.

So, here is first release of mksv3 - Python port and (I hope) next generation of Monkey Studio.
It is not a IDE yet, I call this release Simple programmers text editor.

mksv3 version 0.1.5 contains only 2 plugins, ported from MkS: Search & Replace and File Browser. Projects and Class browser and many other features are not supported.

mksv3 is not only a direct port of code from C++ to Python. During this year, I spent the majority of time for rewriting and improving existing code and functionality. There are no new big features, but, A LOT of little improvements and fixes, which all together makes mksv3 much better as text editor, than MkS.

A lot of work has been done to improve the core. Now it

  • is only 3.2K LOC (compare to 24K in MkS)
  • has explicit clear 100% documented plugins API (compare to tons of not full Doxygen documentation for MkS core)

Project home page is

I'm not going to make big buzz about this release, because currently it is not better, than gedit, kate, Notepad++. But this is proof of the concept and starting point for new, better, successful MkS