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Monkeystudio homepage is moving

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After some months (years :p) without any special move in MkS I decided to *archive* the website.
Currently it cost me a lot of time to maintain the web part of the MkS project, update drupal, update any of its modules etc.
This is inefficient because to be honest, nothing in this CMS is serving us apart the blog/story/wiki.
So I decided to move to a plain html/js static website which posts, blogs and wiki pages are just requested from xml request from a json file.
i will just have to update this json file to add any new content, very easy to handle / maintain.
The new official url of the project home page is now

On the MkS project itself, you may have noted that it did not received love since many times now.
Things changed and my time is now very limited, though I will maintain it to its minimum:
- Security issues
- Build issues with new Qt versions

I don't plan to come back to the project sooner or later with new features, if anybody want to take over, just let me known, I will be happy to see this happen.
The code was moved from svn to git hosted on github.
You can find the mks v1 code @ while the v2 is @
Those are not perfect because the svn to git is not perfect and because I done a lot of mistake with svn at many times.