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Introducing MkS Shell & new abbreviations manager based on it

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Today i want to inform you about a new great thing in MkS, MkS Shell.
This is a kind of command interpreter like bash, but very limited to execute users defined command, via it's own api.
Actually i have made a console widget that allow users to play with the shell, you can discover that in the branches/dev part.
The new abbreviations manager now take advantage of the shell, and all abbreviations are defined at start up via a dedicated script (abbreviations.mks).
The shell integration is really a new enjoyable thing that allow to script MkS itself (according we provide a lot of commands, it's in progress !).
This will also made things easily for some plugins as they will no longer need to deal with MkS api, but simply with its shell for all basic things.

I have started a new wiki page, where all users can help make the abbreviations manager a great experience, please see this page for more informations.

Enjoy !!