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MonkeyStudio2 in AUR (Arch Linux)

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Thanks for the news ! I will

Thanks for the news !
I will update the Linux Packages wiki page.

You can seek team on IRC.
If you don't know what is IRC, then go to the IRC page.
If you want an answer, please be explicit and verbose.
Help by email will be ignored.

thx for your help in IRC. I

thx for your help in IRC. I fixed now all packages and created also svn packages.

KDEMOD is using QT 4.5.1 now

I just updated monkeystudio2 to the latest SVN.
Juse monkeystudio2-svn for ARCH-Linux and kdemod-monkeystudio2-svn for Chakra/KDEMOD.
Since we updated in KDEMOD to qt 4.5.1 it might be some problems with the UI. ARCH still uses
qt 4.5.0 so the last svn should fix almost all bugs.

updated to and svn 3173

all pkgbuilds are now up 2 date again