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MkS & Qt 4.5.x on recents Linux distributions

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Some of you may already see the problem but for the others here is the current problem :
Due to important changes in the Qt 4.5.x library & QScintilla, MkS will most likely not works well ( ui bugs and unusable embed Designer ).
We already fixed all all major problem in the svn v2/branches/dev.
I have some small bugs to fixe and we will release a new version approximatively the next week.
The actual debian package ( and probably all others ) are no longer compatible.
You have 2 way of getting that fixed :

  • 1/ Get the svn copy from path : v2/branches/dev, patch the config.pri file ( replace 'debug' by 'release' in the 'CONFIG' variable ) and build it yourself: you will have the most recent mks version with full Qt 4.5 support.
  • 2/ Wait the official package scheduled for the next week.

Enjoy !


There is another way to fix

There is another way to fix it, if you have kept an older version of QT sources : as qt, when compiled at least, is installed in a non-standard location (/user/local/Trolltech/QT-4.xxxx), compiling an older version of qt wonot interfere with newer versions of Qt (used for a desktop : else, it could be annoying) and then , from the console (therefore , if it doesnot work, it doest not do any harm), adding
export PATH=/user/local/Trolltech/QT-4.xxxx_old_version/bin:$PATH and compiling
monkeystudio (I suppose there is a g++, but it is not that illogical....) might work as before - this is more comfortable than using svn, if one is not connected to the net - old versions of QT sources can be found via rpmfind in cybercafés (if you use rpms, just take qt*src.rpms, there is a script called rpmtotgz google can find and then you can untar the tgz and compile almost the usual way), and stable versions are more easy to download from Windows).


qt-4.5.1 in KDEMOD/Chakra

New packages for ARCH gnu/Linux based distrobutions like Chakra you can find here:

It has the latest svn build to fix the qt-4.5.x problem. Since Chakra/KDEMOD uses qt-4.5.1 now,
I really don't know if we'll have even more problems now. ... keep in mind I've a direct contact to pasnox,
so we will come up with an solution. Pasnox, keep up your great work.



The incompatibility is not Ubuntu specific (at least it seems)

I had the same issue with OpenSuse and qt-4.5.1 and MKS - ) this week end.... after having both of them compiled...


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Does the current svn

Does the current svn branches/dev fix your problem ?

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