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Release of MkS

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I'm happy to inform you of the MkS's availability. It's mainly a bug fix release for Qt 4.5 as some of you have noticed, due to important default options changes in Qt 4.5 compare to the 4.4, MkS was no longer usable when built with it.
The release also contains some next version tools: qCtagsSense framework, new Class Browser plugin and some fixes not connected with Qt 4.5.
Linux packages will comes shortly, be patient and Happy Coding !

PS: It's not necessary to update your MkS version if you are not using Qt 4.5.
Please note that this release will only build with Qt >= 4.5.0, so the windows packages will need at least a copy of Qt 4.5.0 installed on the system.
The next minor release will fix that behavior.