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MkS Team is proud to annouce the aviability of a new stable MkS version :
It's only marked beta because it does not contains all functionalities we want to add to the final version.
The last release was containing some bugs that we did not discovered at time because of the need to release quickly a Qt 4.5.x compatible version of MkS.
This release bring new functionalities and fix many bugs and is a beta of the upcoming
The complete code has been back ported to be compilable from Qt 4.4.x and up.
The windows installer and mac os x universal bundle now comes with their complete Qt libraries, meaning you will no longer need to trick your installation to make MkS working out of the box.

New functionalities at a glance :

  • qCtagsSense framework : A library write upon ctags library that provide a framework for class browser, quick navigator and auto completion for all language supported by ctags.
  • UpdateChecker plugin : that check for new available MkS version and propose you to download the one of your choice.
  • ClassBrowser plugin : have been completly rewrited using qCtagsSense framework and allow to provide per file class browser, complete system api browser and a powerfull search engine.
  • Search & Replace plugin : have been reworked a little for the gui (mac os x), and now propose to choose a custom text codec while searching/replacing in directories : your sources comments (and code) will no longer have their encoding destroyed !
  • Workspace : It now exists a concept of "contexts", each context can have it's own actions and custom layouts. Currently, only "Quick File Access" option and ClassBrowser are using it.
  • Qt Designer plugin : now follow the QtCreator designing ui : there is no longer mdi area for all open forms. A LegacyDesigner namespace has been created to allow minimal back port for Qt 4.4.x. Previewing & Printing now support custom styles.
  • Project Manager : no longer ask for an operator while adding existing/creating files !
  • Editor : the current line/column is restored while reloading a file.

And a lot of fixed bugs, see the ChangeLog for more infos.