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Beaver debugger

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After a long time I am happy to introduce Beaver Debugger. It is GDB frontend, integrated with MkS.

MkS was not having debugger for a long time. There was few attempts to create it.
xiantia started writing debugger long time ago using only GDB machine interface, but, his version was "unfinished", so, do not became popular.
Me and PasNox tried to create debugger using GDB/Machine Interface library (libmigdb). But, we understood, that writing own debugger is too big task, and we don't have so much time for it.
Beaver Debugger is based on Qt Creator source base.

Main difference of Beaver Debugger integration with debuggers of other IDEs including Qt Creator is that we are not going to create one big application. We prefer to have 2 simple. The debugger is separate application. When user wants to debug his application, he can quickly start Beaver Debugger session from MkS. This allows to simplify IDE interface.

Currently debugger is far from ideal, but, MkS also has a lot of opened bugs. So, debugger will be improved after bug fixing.