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Aviability of Release

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Today is a great day to announce you the aviability of MkS
New features have been added, bugs have been fixed, and a lot of code has been cleaned.
Here is a small list of major changes:

  • The qCtagsSense has now the possibility to use a physical or in-memory database, it was only possible to use in-memory until now, so the Class Browser plugin now benefit it and is able to use physical or in-memory database meaning that less memory will be used by MkS !
  • The abstract class that manage a project now has the possibility to list project files, meaning that qCtagsSense no longer recursively index all files in a project path, instead we now only index the true files of project, less time is required to index your project file and less small database !
  • Integrate XUP Project editor aka Universal project manager: basically, it's a kind of project you create (*.xup) and the editor allow you to:
    • Create and define custom commands (menu actions) for Builder, Compiler, Debugger and Interpreter having output redirected to MkS: Building external project (eg: Makefile project) inside MkS was never so easy !
    • Give a project name.
    • Dynamically view in the project view the files associated with the project, this is configurable feature and allow filtering based on filename mask (Dynamic Folder feature).
    • Adding/removing virtual files by simple clicks.
  • PHP-Qt & PyQt plugins editor now handle Universal Project Editor features (dynamic folder & custom commands).
  • Introduce QueuedMessageToolBar class aka firefox like infos toolbar (yellow top toolbar on important message), the status bar is now clean and more friendly.
  • Integration of Beaver Debugger plugin that allow your application to be externally debugged by our Beaver Debugger project. Beaver Debugger is available for all major platforms, see home page.
  • Our custom workspace class has been rewrited using QMdiArea making the come back of tabbed worksapce if needed (see Edit -> Settings...).
  • Completly rewrited the Opened Files List dock, it's now based on a powerfull model that allow item sorting similar to the files list of the Kate application.
  • The internal file watcher has been removed and is now available throught a plugin: File Watcher, it track for you externally modified / deleted files and inform you, this mark the introduction of the Reload action.
  • Support for Qt 4.6 added (new Qt modules and Qt Designer plugin updated).
  • Updated QScintilla to the very lastest snapshot, bringing best performance on all platforms (mainly Mac OS X) and new lexer/language available.
  • Added new templates for C++: MkS ! Allowing you to easily create custom plugins and enhance MkS itself.
  • Completly rewrited the Qt Assistant plugin, it take less place and now bug free. New features:
    • Same as before ;)
    • The tabwidget has been replaced by small actions in the dock title bar.
    • A combobox url is now visible, it allow you to quick jump throught the history.
    • The combobox allow you to type your own http url, meaning that you can now browse online documentations, and even bookmark them (see Bookmarks tab in the Qt Assistant dock).
  • The erroneous urls in the About dialog have been updated.

As you have read, many good features have been introduced, we hope you will like them and continue to use MkS :)
A beta3 will come out shortly followed by a rc or final, stay tuned.

As usual, Happy Coding & Merry Christmas.