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New Search & Replace plugin

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Finally we rewrited completly the Search & Replace plugin.
It's now very powerfull one, each tasks ( searching and replacing ) are done in a separated thread while the results view now use a custom model.
This allow the view to be updated more often without freezing the main interface.
New modes have been added:

  • Search in project files
  • Replace in project files
  • Search in opened files
  • Replace in opened files

As new options:

  • Whole word
  • Wrap

This is now the perfect search & replace tool in the wild ;)
It's available in the svn in v2/branches/dev.
Please test and report bugs.


Search n replace - close / hide

I cant seam to find any close button after i am done with search n replace. how can I hide this tool when i am finished on it.
OS: Debian Squeeze,

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Just press "Escape" key when

Just press "Escape" key when it has focus.

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