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Environment variables management

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We introduce an environment variables editor inside MkS settings.
This allow customization of environment variables for commands started from/within MkS like:

  • Executing your application
  • Starting a tool ( make ... )

It's to be noticed that it does not change your global environment variables, instead it own a copy that you can edit and use for started commands, THERE IS NO CHANGES MADE ON YOUR SYSTEM.
This have mainly be done for windows users where applications are not available in PATH, this will help to focalize on minimal commands call.
You can edit variable in the MkS settings: Menu Edit > Settings > Environment Variables.
The variables are serialized in a MkS script so you can quick edit it by hand if needed and we have integrted it with MkS Shell meaning you can manage them directly in the MkS Shell console.
Available in svn at v2/branches/dev.
Please test and report feedbacks.