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Monkey Studio IDE Forums moved to Google Groups


The Drupal based forums were never good and totally buggy / broken.
Today we decided to dedicated this tasks to Google Groups and move our forums there.
The new forum url is now:
The old one is still available in read only as a purpose of backup.

Thanks for your understanding, The Monkey Studio Team

Monkey Studio on Win7 / 64 probs

I was looking for a good IDE to develop some simple python programs for lab experiments. Because also a GUI is highly desired I decided to try Monkey Studio as an addition to a PytonXY installation. But unfortunately there seems to be some problems with the implementation on Windows or may be also only on a 64bit system, I don’t know, maybe you can help.
Here are some of the symptoms that something goes wrong.
Just opened MonkeyStudio 1.904 on a Win7/64 PC and created a new PyQt Gui Project Name “Hello World” without any elements in the GUI.

MKS designer use

Good evening everybody,

As a Python programmer but new to MKS, I did not find how to use the designer to create several windows for the same project. I supposed that each window should correspond to a "ui" file under the same project name, but I can't find the procedure to build new windows after the main one... Somebody can give me a hint ? Thanks !

Since I posted the request for help, I found alone the answer... Thanks anyway !

Header not found compiling on x86_64 Gentoo

I downloaded the latest mks svn, Gentoo is completely upgraded. When compiling it stops with the following error. Here is the key line ../fresh/widgets/pEnvironmentVariablesEditor.h:23:44: fatal error: ui_pEnvironmentVariablesEditor.h: No such file or directory

That file is however available but in a different place to where the compiler is looking as in here

Checking the compiler include directories seems fine


Error Compiling on x64 openSUSE 12.2

System x64 openSUSE 12.2 / KDE 4.8

Decided to try out MS but compiling yields the following error. Is it really true the only dependency to check is the version of QT4.8?
I have only the QT-4-x11 package installed, I see there are numerous QT4 libraries supporting various languages like Perl, Python and more but instead of installing would rather prefer a more precise list exactly what dependencies are required.


$ /mks_1.9.0.2-src # qmake -r && make
Project MESSAGE: Building in RELEASE for Linux-x86_64
Project MESSAGE: Using system QScintilla library

Error Generating

I got an error when I try to generate the form implementation:

*** State changed to Starting
*** State changed to #1 (Starting) for command: 'Generate current form implementation'
*** State changed to Not Running
*** State changed to #0 (Not Running) for command: 'Generate current form implementation'
* Error : 'Generate current form implementation'
* Command : pyuic4 C:\Cassetti\Personale\Python_Projects\test\mainwindow.ui -o C:\Cassetti\Personale\Python Projects\test\

help monkey studio 9.1 -

I have version
as set up for python3.2

how to set id for python3.2 monkey studio.
since upgrade to ubuntu 4.12 my monkey no longer works.

help monkey studio 1.9

I have version
as set up for python3.2

configure monkey studio 1.9 id from python3.2 .
since upgrade to ubuntu 4.12 my monkey no longer works.

not start the project as you used to run but only from interpreter I get this message

*** State changed to Starting
*** State changed to #1 (Starting) for command: 'Run'
*** State changed to Running
*** State changed to #2 (Running) for command: 'Run'
* Started : 'Run'
* Command : /usr/bin/python3.2

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