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drag&drop editing of signal slots?

I tried the Monkey Studio PyQt4 tutorial
got to the end of it, and all clear so far, but
going further how do you use the "edit signal slots" button?
with me the button is grayed.
I would like to use the drag&drop edit signal slots like in the "normal" QT Designer.
Is this possible?, or do I have something configured wrongly


Python - Why is it not working for me?

Hello everyone!

My first post so hello to everyone.

I am trying to use Monkey Studio for PyQt project, but I am not even able to get a simple python print. (i.e print 'hello')
The Monitor is giving me absolutely no feedback from my python scripts, or projects.

I have looked at this as well:

'Run python file'
File Path : C:/Python27/python.exe
Working Directory: C:/Python27 also tried $cfp$

Is the monitor the one that will give me the python feeback?

Any help would be appreciated,


support for c

Hello! Does Monkey Studio provide support for C language and common Makefile, not qmake.
Thank you

Auto completion Mac os X 10.6 32bits

hi, I'm using MKS with MAC OS X 10.6 and auto completion doesn't work. Any thoughts?. Its configured to 0 seconds, source from all and case unsensitive. I never see a windows with the suggestions.
Thanks in advance.
Greetings from Peru :D.

Python and Qt4 form designer help

Hello, I am using monkey studio IDE which has Qt4 designer, I created a main window form which contains menus(ibirimo,Amakuru,Raporo...) and in the menu "Ibirimo" I added some sub menus(abantu,ingo,ishuli,ivuriro,...) then I created other forms apart which would be called, once you click for instance on ishuli you should get the ishuli.ui which displays a form where you can enter all the details of a school institution.

Now the problem I have is to connect the menus and submenus titles to their corresponding forms.Can you help me?

Wiki Tutorial -- not authorized message!

Hi, i've just created my account and with trying to access wiki- tutorials i see the message :You are not authorized to access this page. i need some tutorial about mks there is no enough info on web.

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Access to Wiki Tutorials

Just created a new account. I still get "permission denied" when trying to access Wiki-->Tutorial

Please help!

Import error with python

I have the MKS for windows (setup_mks_1.8.4.0-svn3727-win32.exe) and I need to develop python programs
I can create a simple example for Pythons with buttons and so on, even I can see the preview, but when I do: "Interpreter --> Start" I receive this error:

File "", line 4, in
from PyQt4.QtCore import *
ImportError: No module named PyQt4.QtCore

Is it neccesary to install pyqt, or is a problem related to the path configurations?

python path: C:\Python27
Monkey path: C:\Archivos de programa\Monkey Studio IDE

Thanks in advance

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