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Editor Default Font Size setting doesn't change edit pane's font


I just installed Monkey Studio on Kubuntu 11.04 (64-bit)

The default font in the editor pane (which I assume is QScintilla?) is quite small and not very smooth.

The rest of the Monkey Stuido IDE looks fine.

If I change the editor font and/or font size by going to Edit->Settings->Editor->General under "Default Font", the preview looks fine but the setting seems to be ignored by the edit pane itself.

I've tried exiting and restarting Monkey Studio but the font/font size still stays the same no matter what I've set the default font to.

PHP-qt not working as it should

Hello everyone. I have just downloaded the IDE for PHP-Qt, but when i made a new project in IDE ..and tried to interpret it (all default code ) I got " Unable to load dynamic library 'ext/php_qt.dll' - The specified module could not be found." error .. and menu plugins >> XUP Project >> PHP-qt project is enabled ..

so whats the work around...
please don't suggest to go for cmake or make php-qt to build a new php_qt.dll. I am not good in cmaking things as I am from windows world.

Problem with MKS path

I am just getting started working with MKS. I put together a quick GUI using the PyQt template. I can run the resulting from terminal, but when I try to use the Interpreter: start command in MKS, I get an error message saying it can't import PyQt. I noticed that the PATH environment variable in settings didn't match my system PATH, so I changed it, but with no effect on the problem. Any ideas?

Too Much Security On Website

I personally think there's too much security on the website which could cause people to not want to post. I certainly will not remember my password since it had to contain upper and lower case letters and also a non alpha/num character. I understand that spam is a problem with forums.

My 2 cents. Cheers.

Wish List

Would like to see movable tabs.

Thanking your for your work.

Error when compiled on WinXP

Hi there! )
i tried to compile this on my WinXPSP3 with QtCreator 2.0.94 and got error:
................. some pre-messages ....

KUbuntu 64-bit AMD Build unable to find include files

Very first project using Monkey Studio. Been doing Qt for quite some time. Most frustrating not having even the slightest bit of a user manual. When I attempt to build my very simple project I receive the following:


using namespace std;


#include "ImportExportClass.h"

int main( int argc, char** argv )
int i_x=0;
cout << "XPNS tracker SQLite import tool" << endl;

QApplication app(argc, argv);

Debbugger module for C++


I have created a Desktop application using Qt. Which aims at providing an environment using which the user can create, compile and debug applications written in C/C++..

Does Monkey studio Qt C++ IDE has any separate module for build and debugger environment, which i can integrate with my application??

Thanks in advance for help!


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