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Feature request - Run simple python script

I have a proposition for a very simple feature that should cost you not much time to implement:

Sometimes I want to try out something in python or some other language and write down a simple script in one file that does the task. I would like to have the feature of Monkeystudio being able to just run/debug this file without having to create a project where the file belongs to.

Does this already work in MkS somehow and I just don't now how to do it?

build in opensuse 11.3


I am trying to build monkeystudio 1.8.4 in opensuse 11.3. I am getting stuck here:

cd XUP/ && make -f Makefile
make[3]: Entering directory `/home/hernan/bin/mks_1.8.4.0-svn3727-src/plugins/xup/XUP'
/usr/bin/uic src/gui/UIXUPEditor.ui -o ../../../build/release/.ui/ui_UIXUPEditor.h

User's Manual

Is there a user's manual for MKS?
I like the IDE, but having a difficult time with running and debugging scripts internally. I haven't been able to find a user's manual. I'm in a linux environment using python Beaver does not work with python. Can I tie another debugger to the IDE and pass arguments from the IDE to that debugger.
I like the feel of this product, but I'm definitely not one who learns via the MicroSoft wa (trial and error)
Any help is appreciated.

c++ qtdesigner

Hello i have installed now monkey studio, because i have to develop a very sample c++ gui application under linux, but how i can start qtdesigner?



Debugging python scripts


I've set-up MonkeyStudio today and use it to develop under Python.

I've tried to setup the beaver debugger but without any success.

Can anyone provide me step-by-step instructions on how to debug python projects with MonkeyStudio? I'm running it under Windows if it can help.

Thank you !

missing qdesigner_integration_p.h


I have Qt 4.7.0 installed on my Arch distribution.
When I try to build mks, the compiler complains that the qdesigner_integration_p.h file does not exist (plugins/child/QtDesigner/src/MkSDesignerIntegration.h:4:37)
Should mks build with Qt 4.7.0 ?

Kind regards,


Question from a newbie about signal & slots


I'm new to using a IDE for programming in Python. At first sight: very nice program.

But now my first problem:

I am trying the example on this site:
Made a form and completed the
Then opened the form (mainwindow.ui) and tried the Signal/Slot editor. The window opened but it is not possible to edit (+ and - are greyed out).
I suppose I should make something like:
Sender Signal Receiver Slot
pushButton clicked() pushButton click()

archlinux build problem

build at archlinux results in a fatal error. Last bit of the build result:

cd monkey/ && make -f Makefile
make[1]: Entering directory `/home/j/monkeystudio2/monkeystudio2/src/mks_1.8.3.3-svn3083/monkey'

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