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new release

I saw new stable release so I tried it but It simply does not start.

I used standard buld with integrated qscintilla and no errors found during compilation. after installing I launch it and... segmentation fault!

If there is any debug feature I can try to rebuild it and post a log.
now this is what I get from "gdb monkeystudio"
(gdb) run
Starting program: /usr/local/bin/monkeystudio
[Thread debugging using libthread_db enabled]
Found plugin: AStyle, type: 1
Found plugin: ClassBrowser, type: 1
Found plugin: Ctags2Api, type: 1
Found plugin: FileBrowser, type: 1

installing on gentoo

hi, I'm trying to install monkeystudio on my gentoo distro but it fails.
I hope you can help me to solve this problem (actually I'm not sure who I should write but I think ebuild came from here)
in attach there are files containing my settings and build log

I noticed that there is only beta version on portage, is there maybe some older stable version available?

p.s. as i'm not albe to attach make log here is an extract with error. if more info are needed I will try to make eneir log available


Hello where i can find some example, i came from python and generally i use eric4 that seems similar to monkey studio.

max number of files MKS can compile

What is the Build limit with MKS ?

Trouble using it

It won't build ot do anything
How do I set up Monkey studio to build my projects.

the bug of the 1,8.4.0b1

hi ,i try to use the MKS to develop the Program.
but i found first it can't create the new Project.y?

secend, i can't build the program.
i think this is the basic function.if it does not support this function.
how let the user to develop on it.

i don't know whether is my configuration is wrong.

BTW,what is the "fresh" and "qCtagsSense" do?

Compiling in Mandriva 2009 Spring


I'm trying to compile on Mandriva 2009 Spring but I'm getting this error:

auto complete

hey guys,

I have installed MS today and I was wondering why I can not select anything in the auto complete window ?!!

When the window open, it "unselect" the MS window .. So I need an Alt+Tab to use the auto complete window .. not really efficient :D

Hope I did somthing wrong!

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