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adding custom include path

im trying to compile a little app wich uses a custom widget, but i need to add it's includes to the project
How is it done in monkeystudio?

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MonkeyStudio2 in AUR (Arch Linux)

My name is Phil Miller and I'm one of the Maintainer of chakra-project.
I just added MonkeyStudio2 to AUR the user repository of ARCH:

monkeystudio 1

stable rls

monkeystudio 2

stable rls

svn rls

compiling the plugin source for MSVC-2005

When I tried to compile the latest plugin source code, I got qsciapis.h not found error, I used QT4.4.2 to comile the source code.
I checked it is not there under qscintilla/sdk directory, in this directory only qscintilla.h exists.

how to start developing?!!

dear all,,
after using MkS for 2 weeks, now i believe that i should help you.
what am planning to do is developing the Python interpretor by adding lists of default functions & Objects that are imported in the project.
in fact, i have a plan about how to do it in python not in C++, so can i have a quick reference in how to do so whether in python or c++???
notice that it would be easier to do it in python..

rgrds ||| meGenius

need example pyqt-gui project!!

dear all,

monkey studio directly gets the ui class through uis, & this way is new from me as a beginner.
can anyone give me an example pyqt-gui project with some working connections to a def.
or correct my problem in the attached project (after downloding, change *.jpg to *.tar.gz)

thanx in advance..

rgrds ||| meGenius

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Writing MKS plugins

Hi all!

Is any instructions/HOWTOs about writing plugins for MKS?

MkS v1.8.3.0 - entry point (x) not found in DLL (y)


I decided to use Monkey Studio as IDE for QT4 on Window and Linux too. Can you help to achieve my goal?
My actual development environment:
Windows XP + SP3 (hungarian edition)
QT v4.4.3
MinGW v5.1.4

At first I downloaded the "". I unzipped and simple double-clicked the "monkeystudio.exe", but got a the following message: "Az eljárás belépési pontja (_Z11qUncompressPKhi") nem található a DLL-ben (QtCore4.dll)". This means in english: "Entry point of procedure (_Z11qUncompressPKhi") not found in DLL ((QtCore4.dll). Gentoo build problem


When I try to compile Monkey Studio on Gentoo AMD64 I get an error. Here is the end of the compile output:


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