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Monkey Studio IDE Released

Dear MkS users,

MkS team is proud to announce the availability of the Monkey Studio IDE
This is a bug fixe release for the version.

A list of the new improvements and some screenshots can be found here.

You can grab your copy of the new version from here.

Or, from your package manager if you are on Gnu/Linux/Unix like.

Packagers, please update your packages.

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Source packages release fixing build upon Qt 4.7.x


Just to inform that new releases of source packages have been released fixing build upon Qt 4.7.x.
Packagers, translators, please update your packages if needed.

The Monkey Studio Team,

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Monkey Studio IDE released.


A new MkS has been released, it increase productivity, stabilization and enhancements.
Globaly there was many bugs fixed, code cleaned and new features.
You can read a more detailled document about the release here.

Packagers, translators: please update your packages/translations.
You could download the new release from the MkS home page, or by using the Google Code repository.

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MkS Release


MkS is happy to announce you the availability of a new MkS release :
You can read the complete news here :

Packagers, translators, please update your packages if needed ;)

Monkey Studio Team,

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